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Ramsay 81st



6th October 1982 - 8th June 1983



We came from all over Australian on the 6th October 1982 to meet at Leeuwin for the very first time. Some kept in contact through the years however unforunately most had lost contact. 

Since Mick Sharps Inspiring story (which is below) we vowed to get reconnected with everyone from the Mighty 81st Ramsay.

With the assistance of facebook and the persistance of many of our crew we have got the band back together, and our reunions are the best times you will ever have.

We now intend to meet as a division every two years, and if the past two reunions are any indication the next one in 2016 will be a ripper.



Below is the very inspiring story of Mick Sharp and his Lovely wife Judy and his battle to overcome Parkinsons. The story goes further with mateship and Phil Lancasters Involement. 


This is what it is all about...........


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